Monday, April 12, 2010

Easy Winners


Scott Joplin playlist:

If you wish, view my dotted or "swung" version for sake of comparison. Both are played at exactly the same tempo in bpm, so it is an interesting comparison.

It has become popular lately (or "in vogue") play The Easy Winners at a relaxed tempo, which is incorrect considering the title of the rag as well as the picture on the front cover. It shows athletes playing football, baseball, and horse racing. Now ask yourself what type of character "athletes" and "winners" suggest, "calm and relaxed" or "energetic and exuberant". In essence, this rag is something like a happy victory dance after a hard game. It is vibrant, fun, and energetic. I do not know why there has been a movement to strip this rag of all its life and turn it into a serious affair.

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