Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Peacherine Rag

The fellow playing
is a teacher and
University of Florida - BachScholar.
You can hear many of his videos on YouTube.
He plays ragtime music at a tempo and style
that you can listen to for an hour and not get tired of it.
I do enjoy the music played by Cory Hall and I listen to almost all of his recordings on YouTube. He has his own channel and plays many many different types of piano tunes.

Worth your time to find him and enjoy his work and the information that he provides.

BachScholar says.....
There has been much attention given recently to Joplin's "slow" and "not fast" indications, which are often misleading if taken literally. Never has there been a composer in the history of music who wrote only slow music, but rather all the great composers included a wide gamut of speeds and emotions from slow to moderate to fast. Joplin certainly was no exception, meaning that it would be too one-sided and simplistic to take his "slow" and "not fast" indications literally and never play any of his rags in a lively fashion. Joplin probably became obsessed with "slow" and "not fast" indications to guard against outrageously fast tempos

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  1. This guy makes music boring! I've watched alot of his videos. It sounds like midi file played on PC!