Sunday, February 7, 2010

Por Una Cabeza

"Por una cabeza",
meaning "by a head [of a horse]"
Wow what a famous song. This is a tune used in one of my favorite movies
Carlos Gardel was a very famous latin baritone that wrote and sang this song. Carlos was loved throughout the world. Claimed by Argentina as a son and also Uruguay and France. Carlos was killed in an airplane crash in the early
1930's. He is still loved and idolized in latin america today.

This video is actually Carlos Gardel singing Por Una Cabeza. It is song about a man that loves horse racing and loves women like he loves the horse race.

I also include this clip of the tango from the movie Scent of a Women where they tango to Por Una Cabeza.The Tango dance scene from the movie Scent Of A Woman (1992) where Pacino plays a blind retired Lieutenant Colonel. This is the only time when Al received his Oscar.
The music is "Por una cabeza" by Carlos Gardel and the girl dancing is Gabrielle Anwar

Schindlers List....

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  1. Thank you so much for this site. This music is deeply personal to me for so many reasons and stumbling across your effort has reconnected me to a part of my past that may again be part of my future. Thank you so very much. To the musicians and authors I say God bless, and to the complier of this site may your days be happy and blessed. Thank you.