Friday, February 26, 2010

Music Box Rag

Cory favorite rag time piano man.....plays Music Box Rag by Luckey Roberts

Cory Hall says.......Charles Luckeyeth Roberts, better known as "Luckey" Roberts, lived from 1887-1968. In 1910 he became the leading pianist in Harlem and began composing rags. The Music Box Rag comes from 1913. With James P. Johnson, Roberts developed the "stride" piano style in about 1919. An astute businessman, Roberts became a millionaire twice through real estate dealings (Wikipedia).

As I often do, I added some of my own "trademarks" in this rag, such as playing the LH an octave lower and RH and octave higher on repeats. I also add a boogie woogie bass in the third statement of the "A" section as well as several glissandi. To conclude, I couldn't resist tacking on my own delightful little ending that adds a spice of dry humor.

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