Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Favorite...Scott Joplin

Oh Great...Now my favorite is "The Favorite".....:o)

Scott Joplin playlist:

Cory Hall says......
This is a great but elusive rag. I spent a long time experimenting with different tempos and thought I liked it best a little slower. But a couple weeks went by and I finally decided I like it better faster. I add elaborations in the RH in the repeats and use my usual octave higher and lower technique. I also add a run of 16ths in the LH on the repeat of the B section.

If played as written and at a slower tempo, this is actually one of Joplin's least difficult rags; however, all these additions turn it into a difficult piece. I think it is the only rag other than Magnetic Rag to have a section in a minor key, as the B section is in G minor. I love this rag!

I agree with Cory....I love this rag!!!

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